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What sets SIEGER OUTBOUND TRAINING apart from any other learning experience is the practice that expedition members are “crew, not passengers.” We don’t encourage participants to contribute to the group; we require it.   After all, on an Outbound Learning, awareness of others is not optional; it is necessary for success. This idea that “they are needed,” no matter who they are, is a critical ingredient to the success of our Outbound Learning programs.

Sieger conducts residential Outbound Training program at various locations in INDIA. These program are designed to meet the specific requirement of the organization / industry. This is a totally structured program where Sieger provides boarding, lodging (if required) and Activities along with debrief.

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Residential Event

Sieger Outbound Training / Team Building program is extensively used for residential. Sieger certified and trained outdoor instructors conduct activities based on TNA (Training Needs Analysis). The typical duration of a this program is 2–5 days includes adventures activities, team activities and creative exercises. The program is experiential, interactive and participative, so that, understanding of ideas and concepts is strong and transfer and retention is effective.

Non-Residential Event

Sieger Group has come out with an exciting experience for its non-residential outbound training events. This structured outdoor learning program duration will be 1 or 2 days and will not cover accommodation but provides activities along with breakfast and lunch. Also, we can run this event in the destination of the client's choice. Siegers` certified and trained outdoor instructors conduct adventure and activities, based on TNA (Training Needs Analysis).

Open Enrollment Events

Sieger Group has come out with an open enrollment outbound training programs to Corporates, Non-corporates, individuals and small groups. First, this can be a scheduled program with a prior announcement from Sieger group for a public enrolment and another one can be an unscheduled program which ideally suits for Seminars, conferences, association meetings, parties and etc. Sieger`s certified and trained outdoor instructors conduct adventure and activity.


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